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More Cyber Tips – Facebook 'Friends' – 3

To give you an obvious example;

Mary Smith, who lives in Florida posts;  “I really need a new laptop”

Whammo Computer’s  A.I  sees the keyword, ‘laptop’ and instantly goes to Mary Smith’s account. She is blonde, 37 years old is married and has three children.

The A.I. selects John Jones as the most useful account.  He is 40 years old, lives in Texas, is married and has two children.

A photograph of John Jones shows him as a happy white man holding a child.

He makes a friend request to Mary Smith, who accepts.

As she accepts the A.I. posts:

“Hi!  Thanks for accepting my friend request.”

When Mary responds, the A.I. then posts:

“I see you mentioned getting a new laptop.  I just bought a Whammo XYZ.  It’s great.  Gives me no problem.”  

Mary thinks she is communicating with a person.   She thinks this person is off hand recommending a Whammo XYZ.   She is not communicating with a person.  This is an A.I. tweaked to sell these computers.


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Written by jaylar

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