What Are The Making Of A Great Blogging Site

This happens to be facts that I have gathered by my long time I have been online blogging. Sites actually fail to meet the criteria to make them flourish. The most disastrous thing is ignoring the members of the site.

  1. An Excellent Site Is A Give And Take Site.

Sites are equally made by the administration and the members. With the members only, a site cannot prosper and so is for administration only. It is therefore paramount for the interests of members to be held with the esteem it deserves.

  • Reply to querries of the members. Make sure the members queries are heard and addressed.
  • The site should be easy to navigate. The simpler and easy a site is to navigate then the more it becomes a darling to the bloggers.
  • Interesting. A good site should have interesting content which attracts many members. Unless such is addressed it soon becomes boring to do the same thing over a long time
  • A good site should be legit to its members. It has to do what it promises. Once the members find it legit, they stick to it.

2. SEO

This refers to Search Engine Optimization. My belief is that search engines are interested in a site that is a hive of activities. The site should be a busy one where visitors find something to interest them. Many people used to think that it is a site where posts have to have keywords and written in a certain style. This limits activity and makes a site boring.

3. Education To The Site Members

Members of a site need to be educated on the mission, vision and objectives of a site. They should own the vision of the site. They should be geared towards the objectives.

Frequently a site should write newsletters to update the members of its progress.

4. Rewards And Badges

Rewards and badges help to keep the bloggers on toes. It ensures that there is something to be achieved at a certain stage. They aim to achieve what is set.

Leaderboards also assist in seeing how the site is progressing. They assist in site development.

5. Evaluation

Finally, a site should frequently evaluate its performance over time. Is it progressing? How does it rank worldly in site ranking. Is it progressing, stagnant or backtracking? If it falls in one of those categories, then ways and means should be taken to ensure progress.


What do you think?


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