Latest technology trends to help your child’s safety

In today’s times, there is, no doubt, a need for tech gadgets and software programs that could ensure the safety of our children. With both online and offline threats prevalent, parents can never be too certain about their kids’ safety. No matter what the age of your child is, a parent’s need for protecting their child is justified.

There is no limit as to online threats. Scammers and frauds are ever-present on the internet, targeting vulnerable people especially children. Scammers seek other’s personal information for identity theft, to steal money, and other ulterior motives. Likewise, there are viruses and malicious software available on the web, which if downloaded, can lead to device malfunctions, loss of data, and other problems.

Similar to online threats, there are also offline threats that seek to harm children. Often a bad company of friends can lead children to act rebellious. Then, there is the risk of kidnappers and other predators. For parents, monitoring their children is becoming harder. This is why many products have emerged to ensure our children’s safety. To make matters easy for you, we provide a list of all the latest hardware and software products that protect your children and keep them safe.

Let’s discuss some of the popular products that you could give a try.

Parental control apps


Xnspy is a cell phone monitoring application that can be used to monitor your child’s location, text messages, call logs, photos, contact list, emails, browsing history, application activity, and much more. This app allows parents to monitor their child’s online activity. It ensures that your child is not exposed to online threats, scams, and frauds. With Xnspy, parents are notified when their child uses a word classified as Watchlist word. Parents can also remotely block apps on the device. Thus, giving full control to parents to monitor their child’s online activities. The app is reasonably priced. You can purchase a subscription package starting from $4.99/month. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. You can install the app on a smartphone or a tablet.


Qustodio is a parental monitoring app installed on smartphones and tablets. Parents can monitor the child’s browsing history and time spent on individual applications. In addition to this, parents can manage the amount of time their child spends on an application.

Parents can block some applications while allowing others during certain times of the day. Thus, ensuring that their children are using digital devices for their benefit and are not wasting their time unnecessarily on other apps. Qustodio ensures that children are protected from harmful and inappropriate content that is widely available on the internet. It also allows parents to track the live location of their children. There is also a feature called the panic button offered by the app. Parents can also track calls and SMS on the monitored device. However, this feature is for Android phones only. You can view your child’s smartphone activity from a dashboard. This provides insights into how a child is using a device.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is another parental control software that allows parents to block sites that they consider harmful or inappropriate for their children. In addition to this, parents can also monitor the time that their kids spend online and schedule when can their children use their devices.

A good thing about the software is that it provides insights to parents so that they are aware of their children’s online activities. By viewing the search queries that kids make and the videos that they stream, parents can keep a close eye on their children. The software is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. So it can be installed on phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. The Norton Family Premier software is priced at $49.99/year.


Life360 is an application for all members of the family. It allows you to create small groups that one can join on an invite-only basis. Using this app, members of the family can monitor the live location of each person. If one person has a low battery on their phone, the rest of the members in the group are notified about it. In the case a person feels unsafe, they can generate an alert which sends the current location to all the members of the group. Thus, it ensures that everyone is safe. The app also works as an instant messaging app between a group. So you can stay connected with your family at all times.

Miscellaneous Wearable GPS trackers

GPS trackers for kids are widely available. They range from a wearable device to tags and phones. Parents can monitor the live location of their child from a smartphone app. Apart from this, parents can also mark zones so that they receive alerts when their child has left or entered a zone. Most GPS trackers have an SOS button which a child could press in emergency to seek instant help.

Some of the wearable GPS trackers available in the market include Yepzon, KidsConnect, Tinitell, Weenect, and My Buddy Tag. With some GPs trackers, children can also call their parents. With a good battery for up to several days, these gadgets provide accurate and real-time location of a child. These trackers come in a wide range of prices. GPS tracking tags and keychains can be found to be as low as $20, while wearable GPS trackers such as watches can be upwards of $100.

Children these days carry a smartphone device with them at all times. These devices are connected to the internet and hence can provide us with information in real time. A wearable device may not be necessary since there are many software and apps available that function in the same way. These apps provide more information than a wearable device. This is the reason why they are becoming more popular. However, most GPS trackers also come with a panic button which can come in handy when a child is in trouble.

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  1. We all know technology has made our kids glued to their devices all the time. As it is legal to use parental control apps, every parent must use it. There is nothing more important than the digital safety of our kids. Scams, frauds, online predators, sexting, health issues…. We can’t even imagine how costly these digital threats can be. It is better to invest in parental apps before it is too late.

  2. Online and offline threats – Our kids know more about the digital world than we do. I personally use a parental control app to monitor the social media activities of my minor. I can remotely monitor his screen time, messages, calls, and almost everything. I can track his whereabouts, too. I must say, this way, technology has made parenting way easier than ever before.

  3. Good information! Thank you so much for precisely summarizing all the information. Well, I agree with the fact that there is no limit as to online threats. Kids will be kids. We need to have a remote check on our kids. As a parent, we are responsible for their safety, both online and offline.

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