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We've Been Joined by an Unexpected Guest

Many people totally love the fall. I don’t mind it, but I’m more of a spring person. For one thing, in the fall, we end up with critters that get into the house to avoid the cold. This includes mice and our cats have already caught one. It also includes flies. Late in the fall, these get in from outside every chance they get. I dislike flies. However, it also means the inclusion of the unexpected guest I mentioned in the title.

Last night, I noticed her high up in the doorway of my computer room; a pretty female giant orb spider. The doorway is where she spun her intricate web.

Now, I know that a lot of people fear or dislike spiders. I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to have one as a pet. However, I don’t fear them like our daughter did when she was here. This one also isn’t full-sized yet. She is only about a half-inch across. However, she’s already caught a few flies and since I dislike flies more than I dislike spiders, I’m not prone to get rid of her. It is likely that she will move on of her own accord once the flies die off.

My wife, who also isn’t much of a fan of spiders, even gave her a name; Charlotte. Naturally, that is to say that ‘Charlotte’s web’ is in the doorway to the computer room. Since I’m six foot three, it does mean that I keep bumping into and taking out the lower part of the web, but when I do, she simply rebuilds. She does that very rapidly, too.

Again, I’m really not crazy about spiders, but I rather loathe flies. I could go to the time and expense of making and hanging flypaper, but at least for now, Charlotte is doing her part to take out as many flies as she can. The picture isn’t very good because she is currently on the ceiling just outside the door and that spot is in darkness.

  • What would your reaction be if you found a giant orb spider web in your house?

    • Kill it
    • Leave it alone
    • Take it outside


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Written by Rex Trulove

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