Investigating Grafton Thomas

Saturday, 2.15.20

I had posted a video about this incident last month, when it happened. I think it was on December 28th. Today, I noticed more videos about this incident as well as the attacker. Grafton Thomas is a 37-year-old man with a history of mental illness. But as I watch these videos, I noticed they aren’t sure what triggered these attacks.

#1 Jewish man reworded for his Refusal to except Reword from Zionist Organizations

Grafton Thomas had invaded Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg’s house in Monsey, New York, on December 28, 2019. It was a Chanukah night. Grafton Thomas was carrying a machete, and he started slashing at them. Joseph Gluck jumped into the area to save a child and fight this attacker, chasing him out of the house. As Grafton ran into his car, Joseph Gluck took a picture of the license plate, in which he later gave to the police. The NYC police eventually found Grafton Thomas and arrested him. Joseph Gluck was given $20,000 for his heroic act. But since Gluck is anti-Zionist Jew, he refused the award money because he didn’t want anything from the Zionist Jewish Organizations or Zionist Israel agenda. He felt what he did was an act of God because God gave him the strength and courage to fight back the attacker.

Since Gluck refused the money and didn’t attend the ceremony on February 6th, the New York Community had given Gluck a special award on Thursday, February 13, 2020, where anti-Zionist activists, community activists, and anti-Zionist rabbis got together in Brooklyn, New York with their own ceremony for Joseph Gluck. At another time, State Senator David Carlucci had given Gluck the award—New York State Senate Liberty Medal.

#4 Attorney for Hanukkah stabbing suspect’s family speaks out

Grafton Thomas’ attorney speaks out about Grafton Thomas. He has a long history of mental illness, which appears to have started after the 90s. They are shocked because they don’t see him as violent. They aren’t sure what triggered this stabbing. They know him as a quiet and simple vegan. It doesn’t have to do with any anti-Semitism or domestic terrorism because he is a Christian. They feel Grafton needs psychiatric evaluation.


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