Idiocracy – Truth flows

In ancient days there were hard copy books and newspapers.  The words on the page did not change.  This is what was written.  New information would cause a 2nd and 3rd edition.  New Information might cause a retraction or apology.

But what was written was written ‘in stone’.

Today, most people grab their information from the Internet.  Information can be changed easily;  a simple find and replace is good enough.

This allows what was fact this morning to be fallacy this afternoon.

Anyone can post on the Internet. They can create a site which looks legit, load it with rubbish, then Network the rubbish.   White House Insider was a testimony to this.

This hoax, which was swallowed by millions of people has been topped by the youths of Macedonia who created many sites and false articles.

The Macedonians would publish the links to their sites on Facebook.   People in America would read see the link and click on it.  Millions of people read the rubbish and believed it.

That the links were in Macedonia was never noted by those who read the rubbish.  And believed it.  Even proving that the article was written by a youth in Macedonia purely to gain cash via Adsense would not alter the belief of the public.

The public is extremely gullible. They don’t have the head space to analyse and digest and compare.

Having been raised to be helpless,  subjected to modified education, discouraged from learning, they have no reality.  Reality changes with the next Tweet.

To remember what was said last week and how it contradicts what is said this week requires a person with a strong mind, a person who can be sure of their information.

Those born after 1970 do not possess this kind of certainty.


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