Idiocracy – Too Easy

When computers became commercially  available, before Windows was created,one  had to know something about operation to use them; simply put, if you didn’t know what a  “Command Line” was you’d be looking at a C prompt.

Windows arrived as pre-chewed food, meaning one didn’t need to know how to do anything except turn on the computer and point and click.

This meant anyone could use a computer, no matter how low their I.Q.

When the Internet became available, one had to know how to connect, what commands to enter.  Windows changed that, and one needed only to know how to point and click.

As time passed and it was clear that those who knew something beyond Windows were streets and lanes beyond those who know how to point and click it was easy to take advantage. Easy to Hack, easy to do every kind of nefarious act.

Those who repaired computers often found the simplest things had completely overwhelmed the ignorant user.

As time passed it got easier and  easier to create any kind of scam; from the infamous Jamaican Lottery Scam, to the simple hack.   One didn’t need to be a computer genius.

Further, the ‘safeguards’ that many companies created made them even more vulnerable.   For example the 12 digit password made up up symbols and letters.

Who can recall %33*iv(%e@)d?   Only the post-it stuck on the monitor.

As with driving, one needs to know nothing about cars, engines, batteries, etc, when it comes to computers, one need know even less.

With ‘smart phones’ one has ‘stupid people’ who spill their guts in easily available venues where hacking into a service provider gives more information than imagined.

Every post, call, image sent on a smart phone is captured, kept, and easily reviewed;  I can tell you exactly where you are, who you called, what you said,  without breaking a sweat..

This is the unimagined result of ‘Big Brother’ is watching;  for anyone can watch.   But the sheep don’t know this.


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