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How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 69

The story of M.Q. and his five friends/shills is true.  

He started a site with his friends.  Using duals, they loaded that site with excellent (but plagiarised) items.  The front page was full of quality.

Users who joined would have their first five items act as a ‘resume’ .  If they wrote good items, they’d be promoted to Writer and paid.  As members they were not paid.

Hence, the first sums reaped from Adsense went into the pocket of M.Q. and his five Shills.

As the new stuff replaced the plairgarised items M.Q.’s shills were no longer required to post stuff.  They earned their coin by running all over the ‘Net touting the site, bringing in new users under their referrals.

The average users, however, were bringing in a lot of people under their referral code, so the Shills weren’t needed to perform that task.

As M.Q. was running a bit of a scam, it wasn’t surprising that a few intelligent users would discover it.    The Third job of his Shills was to attack those who disparged the site.

However, average users, users who knew nothing about M.Q.  about the site, attacked their fellow users like rabid dogs.

M.Q. did not believe this would happen.  



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