How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 68

There was a well known writing site begun by M.Q. and five of his friends/shills.   The reason M.Q. brought in these  five was three fold.

Firstly, they were to help him load the front page with great items (plagiarised)  under various false names.

Second, they would run all over the ‘Net touting the site and bring in warm bodies.

Thirdly, they would brutally attack anyone who disparaged the site; using their duals, so that it seemed there was one dissenter and twenty people who supported the site.

The Owner and his Shills earned from that first page of plagiarised work, then as suckers came in, their work replaced the plag.  

Eventually, reason one was no longer in operation.  The Owner didn’t need them to load the first page.

The average users began to bring in others, so the Owner didn’t need the Shills for that.

And when the site was attacked for the various rip offs it accomplished,  the users, the average users, attacked one of their own who was only speaking the truth.

The Owner realised he didn’t need to hire and pay Shills, he could get them for nothing.


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Written by jaylar

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