How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 67

When you log on to this site, look to your left.  Note; the same names over and again.

Try to read one of their articles.  Is it that good?  


So why are those ‘super stars’  published every minute and you are waiting moderation for two days?

They are either the Owner, (writing under another name) or one of the Owner’s Shills.  They are there to ‘justify’ why they are always paid, and you are not.  They have published 110 articles this month.  You have published 30.

Sure, you have submitted three articles every day, that is 90 articles.  

But, you are not published every day.   Sure, your stuff can be far superior… but…you don’t Own the site.  You are not one of the ‘precious’ ones.

So your work grows moss and rubbish proliferates.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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