How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 57

Divide and rule is a standard tactic.    Few users are adroit enough to appreciate that all writers are not treated the equally.

For example, on this site, it is has often been ‘standard’ that none of my articles are moderated from Friday afternoon until Monday Morning.

On Friday, I can load my ‘pending for publication’ tray if I am stupid,  or leave three or four items growing moss in my account over the weekend.

Usually NONE of my articles will be ‘moderated’ until Monday.

That is ME.

Throughout the weekend, every time I log on I’ll see new items published by others.  That means others can publish, not me.

Every so often can not load an image.   But others are loading images.

If  users joined together,  sharing various facts among themselves  the  owners would realise that their discrimination against particular users has been exposed.

But this doesn’t often happen.

It is not that no user can publish on the weekend, it is not that all users suffer an image glitch, it is that Selected Users are not going to be published  on weekends and Selected Users will not be able to publish an image.

This is one of the ways that Owners discriminate to keep certain writers from reaching the threshold.


What do you think?


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  1. how often is that happening?
    I also don’t get my posts approved during the weekend all the time, I get some that are approved only on Tuesday (I submitted one Friday or Saturday)…

    I’m assuming it has to do with their load and then there are a few “approved” members who get their posts approved faster. And the “approved member” status has to be earned, I believe. (I’m not sure how too)

    I understand how you’ll feel unfair and I’ve been through that too. There were a few occasions when they rejected my posts that clearly meet all requirements and when I asked them about it, they just ask me to add more words or questions (in the poll). But I do see people submitting polls with just 1 questions too.

    In the end, I just write more words and then make polls with at least 2 questions. While I was doing these, I still see people posting polls with only 1 question and the word count possibly lesser than mine.

    But now all seems fine, I occasionally post poll with 1 question only and they do get approved.

    • This is exactly the point. The bias of the owners is real. I see rubbish published. Just as you say, the one question poll… and a half baked paragraph on nothing. To my mind it is done to prevent earnings, like the fact right now I have 0… pile of posts… hundreds of views… and 0…

      • Well Virily hasn’t been too strict on writing and I thought its quite good this way! (not all of us writes like a professional)

        While I might have agreed that some bias might be in place, most of the approved members earned the “bias-ness” by constantly contributing and interacting with others.

        The dashboard is broken … so yeah, earnings will be zero for quite a while until its updated. Mine is zero too …

        • This is the strange part… I am ranked in the top 20 on this site, so if anyone was to be ‘bias less’ it should be me… but I suffer every single ‘sling and arrow’ this site has to offer.

          • To be honest, I don’t know what to say about this but I do see improvement in my case when I submitted more posts and when I tried to “cater” to their “requirements” if I’m ok with them. (There was once I don’t agree with their request to change certain things and I just ask them to delete the post)

            Virily has been one of the better paying websites that I’ve been on. I’ve been to some reviewstream that scam and sucks! And what they do? They just reject non-stop with stupid excuses! And they held onto my rejected posts! Virily may have been slow in their approval but never rejects for no reasons!

            I worked hard for my top 20, which means that the top 10 or 5 would have worked even harder to get there.

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