How To Make The Most Out Of Your Night Vision Optics

Night vision optics might not be a new technology in the realms of Optics as it dates back to the 1950s. But its use has remained relatively limited up until the 90s in the hands of the military since the US-Vietnam war. This intensified the technology as an enchantingly forbidden fruit that prompted both fascinations and rushed our adrenaline.

Now that the general public is bestowed with this optical breakthrough, we decided to outline some tips that would help you make the most of your beloved optical device. This article will answer all your questions: how night vision started, how does night vision work, and how it will help us all.

History Of Night Vision Optics 

The United States was hellbent to develop a device that will let them clearly walk past the dark alleys during the darkest nights. Their quest for this miraculous vision power during the night was over in the 1950s when the scientists managed to put together a device called an infrared viewing system. 

As the technology was developed in olden times, it falls under the category of active bean technology. Active beam technology was the referred term because the infrared viewing system used a directed beam of infrared to view clearly under darkened places. 

In the late 60s the US defense laboratory extended the technology as a passive object, making it a more viable solution to extreme dark visions. 

How Does Night Vision Work? 

The night vision amplifies the light that does not fall into the visible region, thereby paving the way for you to view in utter darkness. These devices are precisely categorized under various generations, each generation representing a technical evolution. 

The categories of night vision generations are as follows:

  1. Gen-1 Night Vision 
  2. Gen-2 Night Vision
  3. Gen-3 Night Vision
  4. Digital Night Vision

In simplest words, the night vision optics are fitted with an image intensifier that captures weak visible light from the infrared regions and smartly converts it into an intensified visible light, allowing you to view through the darkness clearly. 

Accessories That Enhance Your Night Vision Optics

Night visions are indeed a major scientific breakthrough that made an almost impossible concept turned into a surreal device. But this fairly well device could be made the best with little add ons that will allow you to extract the best of your device. 

These magical accessories include:

  • AC Power Bank: An AC power charger to charge up your device anytime when it goes out. 
  • Demist Shield: A demist shield that will sit near on the eyepiece, preventing it from condensing down to the hands of mist, vapor, or moisture and averting blurred visions. 
  • Auxiliary lenses: Lenses that increase the magnification quality of your night vision device. 
  • Magnetic compasses: Compass that innovatively display compass readings at the right corner of your eyepiece that sensors on pressure and motion, guiding your every step. 

Thus, we see that night vision optics are a surreal representation of what looks like a wild fantasy; they allow you to view under acute darkness, guide you with directions and help you with your beloved nocturnal hobbies—a device created to significantly capture the essence of light and hurl it around the dark places. 


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