How Does A Phone Validator Work?

Many business owners wonder if they need such a program as a phone validator. This simple software can help you save time and money while gaining important information.

If you’ve been validating phone numbers manually, you know how tedious and inefficient the process may be. If you haven’t been cleaning your phone number list at all, you are wasting a formidable amount of time and effort on marketing.

By 2020, the number of smartphone users in the world is expected to reach 2.87 billion. Your target audience is likely to be among them. Without maintaining your phone number list hygiene, it’s impossible to take full advantage of such an opportunity.

In this article, we’ll talk about the way a phone validator works and its benefits for a company of any size.

How Does a Phone Validator Work?

When you enter the phone number list into the program, it runs several checks:

1. Format Check

The validator checks the format of the number. Different countries have different phone number formats. Meanwhile, some numbers on your list probably have a “+” sign in front of the country code while others may not have the sign or the country code at all.

The phone validator checks and corrects possible format errors. If the format problem can’t be corrected automatically, the program notifies the user about it.

2. Error Check

The phone validator checks for possible errors made when entering the phone number. Some programs can be integrated into the contact form and check the number while the client is typing it. Others do it when you share the phone number list.

Many people make mistakes when sharing their contact information. When it comes to phone numbers, they can easily miss a digit or mistype it. The program goes over the number to spot obvious mistakes and alerts the user to them.

3. Information Check

A phone validator can find out whether the number is a cell phone or a landline. This could be an important piece of information for marketing departments. In some countries, it’s possible to figure out which numbers are landlines or cellphones simply by looking at the prefix. In others, including the USA, such isn’t the case. A validator can help you find out the type of the numbers on your list.

The program also checks the number to identify the carrier and the GEO location of the phone.

4. Live Check

Even if the phone number is entered correctly, it may be outdated. The program pings each number on the list to figure out if it can receive calls and text messages.

When using a phone validation solution by Byteplant or similar programs, during the ping, the validator doesn’t make any calls or send any messages to the person. Accordingly, the potential client isn’t bothered.

All of the above checks could be done by a human being. However, to ping the number, you would still need a program. Otherwise, you would have to make a real call or send a real message to the user, thus causing frustration and annoyance.

Why Use a Phone Validator

If you are using phone numbers for your marketing efforts, you need a clean phone number list. Why do you need to invest in a program that can maintain the phone list’s hygiene? Let’s find out below.

1. Saving Money and Time

Each time you call a wrong number, you don’t just pay the carrier, you waste time. The precious minutes your employees spend trying to figure out why the number is unreachable keeps them from continuing their work.

Meanwhile, sending messages to the wrong numbers is marketing efforts wasted in vain. You pay money for outreach without getting anything in return.

2. Maintaining a Good Reputation

Phone numbers are vital for follow up calls, sharing tracking information, confirming orders and much more. If you can’t reach the clients to tell them about sending an order or changing the delivery date, it could be a disaster. When the client doesn’t get the product on time without any prior notification, your reputation may be ruined.

Meanwhile, by sending messages or calling the wrong numbers, you could get your number blacklisted. Sending SMS to people who don’t want them is illegal.

3. Getting Proper Analysis

You can analyze your mobile marketing efforts properly only if you know you are working with live numbers. By sending messages or making calls to “nowhere”, you get the wrong information about the way your marketing campaign functions.

4. Improving Marketing Efforts

When you have a clean phone number list, you can be sure your marketing campaign is functioning properly. By sending well-polished promotional messages to nonexistent numbers, you can’t achieve the desired results.

Meanwhile, by forcing your employees to clean the phone number lists manually, you are wasting their time and not allowing them to do what they do best.

5. Getting Important Information

A phone number validator doesn’t just check if the number is valid. It can share such important information as the carrier and the GEO location. At the same time, the program can help you figure out if you are dealing with a landline or a cell phone.

6. Using Real-time Validation

While regular phone list cleaning is important, real-time validation can be an excellent way to avoid wasting time and money. If you integrate the phone validator into your website, you can alert users about typos. Some people share wrong numbers on purpose when hunting for freebies. A phone validator can help you catch them in the process.

Real-time phone validation is an excellent way to maintain phone list hygiene and avoid problems with marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

A phone validator checks your phone number list for typos and format errors while ensuring that the numbers can receive calls and text messages. This program can also collect useful information, such as the carrier name and geolocation. By using a phone number validator, you can save time and money while maintaining an excellent reputation.


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