How can a phishing attack be circumvented in 2019?

Phishing assaults are growing day by day. They have turned sophisticated and are a danger to business endeavors. Time has been a witness of phishing attacks crippling the biggest empires. Taking into account how the assaults have multiplied over the last couple of years, no enterprise can claim they are entirely immune to a phishing attack. It has occurred previously and will happen again if the enterprise doesn’t take enough measures to shield their framework from miscreants.

The phishing attack executors today have access to world-class technology to penetrate any level of security. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the firewalls to identify the phishing emails and by some way or the other, the attacks are being executed.

The attack executors are making counterfeit websites and new URLs to trick employees or innocent internet users. By getting into the mail boxes they allure the victim to click on certain links and then wait for an opportunity to steal business-critical or personal user ids or passwords without raising any alarm.

There have been outstanding and prescribed approaches to circumvent phishing assaults and till now only the phishing software has proved to provide the right scale of protection.  It is the vulnerability of the network which is attacked by the phishing executor and a normal antivirus is not able to identify the attack.

With the increasing sophistication of attacks the best email security frameworks have been sidestepped.

What is the most common and a dreadful phishing attack?

There are so many kinds of phishing assaults that range from simple attacks to the scale of attacking the C-level executives directly. Out of all the Business Email Compromise (BEC) is the most flourishing as the employees believe the email has reached them after being screened by the enterprise security framework, so they end up being tricked.

What is BEC?

The attacker tricks the victim by acting as a mail from the mailbox of the key person of the organization. Before he mimics the high-ups, he ensures the key people are identified and mimicked to avoid any suspicion. He not only mimics the tone of the email but the logos, the email body type, the email id and what not to sound as legit as possible.

How to avoid such personal attacks?

There is no doubt that such level of personal attacks is an easy bait. To square such phishing messages, the counter phishing programming ought to have the option to accomplish more than identify the highlights.

Source Tracing

The anti-phishing product must be a self-learning exhaustive program that can quickly scan the entire system and identify the email to be a counterfeit. To circumvent the growing phishing attacks, an alternate methodology has been adopted by the software programs. It keeps a track of the email stream throughout the network, conducts profile examinations and tries to identify the source of the email. If the source is not authentic and the email is originating from external unreliable sources, a red flag is raised.

Once identified the sender is blocked from accessing the network and sending emails. So in a snap, the miscreants are stopped from attacking the network.

Machine learning

While sophistication is on rising from the phishing attack executors, even the anti-phishing solutions are utilizing artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify the identify counterfeit URLs. The email content, the logos used, images and disclaimers all are being scanned by computer programs to identify the irregularities Space ridiculing and brand falsification is a big challenge for these software programs as the employees fall victim to the links and disclose very personal data that could lead to financial attacks and more severe repercussions.

To wrap

The continuous evolution of the anti-phishing software is leading to better protect standards for security network frameworks. As every security network differs from the next one vividly, the flexibility of these solutions is very important. Inky is one such software that uses cutting edge cloud technology to that it can be deployed across contrast network setups and even works for the mobile devices where the enterprise apps are being used by employees.


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