Future of AdSense

At present, there will not be a person who does not know about adsense or heard about it. There are lots and lots of views and speculations that often come up on the subject of AdSense as to how will it be in the coming years and whether the system will change from its existing set-up. First and foremost, it appears that its targeting algorithms may turn out to be still better and more powerful.

Yes, more powerful than they are at this moment in time. In recent years, this could be clearly seen with the Google search engine itself and therefore, it need not be a surprise to anyone in any way, if this takes place with Google AdSense too permanently. One more thing is also very much likely to happen and it is to offer more security to the advertisers who use AdWords. It is pertaining to click-fraud.

Search giant Google recognizes that this is a key issue that needs to be addressed and solved as soon as possible and there is no doubt that it will happen as early as possible. By the time, the websites that have high levels of traffic, can easily cloak IP addresses and increase CTR or Click Through Rate. A new idea that has been put forth is that Google may put together AdSense in other forms.

The other forms of media are likely to be television and newspapers. While this might appear to be more like science fiction, there are no indications that this could not happen. Google has contact with an international network advertisers. These advertises may opt to make a way into markets outside their area in different countries. Google, with a strong network of advertisers, may decide to allow or appoint offline distributors to create a layout for Adwords advertising.


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