Fixing Printer Issues

I woke up around 9 am, and the day just felt positive right away for some reason. I walked downstairs, wondering if anyone from the other world was currently with me, or it was just angels because the air just felt clean, pure, and positive. I fed Gumby, and I decided to eat one of the flatbreads that I made last night. I made only 4, and I ate one as a snack last night, while it was still warm. I didn’t do a good job with it because I didn’t steam the sweet potato very well and it didn’t get very soft, just less hard. When I added the flour, the dough was still crumbly. It didn’t really stick very well together, and it seemed kind of dry. I had added some coconut oil on the dough, which made it less dry. It was OK. It tasted like sweet pita bread, but it wasn’t soft and fluffy like the video demonstration. And, mine was sloppy-looking.

When I was making French Press espresso, I noticed the time was 10:10 am. I decided to turn on the computer. The first post that I checked out on Virily is Ali Shehzad’s Ashtanga Yoga post and one hour and a half video, which reminded me that I need to get back into doing yoga. I haven’t done any yoga since my mother died in July. I might still currently be in my mourning period, as I try to work on other projects. I don’t chant anything in yoga. There is usually soft music playing in the background.

I needed to print something for a form, but my printer was giving me a hard time, and I finally figured, out after doing my own troubleshooting, that I need a new photo cartridge. I drove to a local Office Depot to buy the needed photo cartridge for my printer. I also downloaded HP Print and Scan Doctor, which helped fix the issue. I just hope it is now permanently fixed. I scanned and printed out a needed document for some forms that I am filling out.

It was a nice today, sunny but cooling off because I felt a crispy cool autumn air when I went outside. I also noticed lots of colorful trees in warm orange and red shades outside.


What do you think?


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