Facebook, Not for Me – 4

Having met an old friend on Facebook, someone who had been bright and full of dreams in High School,  I was not prepared for the kind of man he was today

Each day he would post about fifty times to Facebook.   They were long and personal.  I   suggested that since he has so much time to post so much, that he join a writing site.

I mentioned a few, thinking hed say ‘Thanks’ and go and fill that site with his stuff.Nope.

He responded; “I don’t have time.”

He has time to post fifty times a day on Facebook,  But no time to post on a writing site?

What does he post about?  After the first few horribly personal and embarrassing posts, I don’t know.  I stopped reading them.Then, with a sense of sorrow, I blocked him.

I blocked him because my page was so jammed with his stuff that I couldn’t find the sensible stuff.

And all I could ponder, was how could he devote his life to exposing himself on Facebook but had no ”time” to maybe write something he could be paid for.


What do you think?


Written by Chef Lee

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