Everywhere is Here – No – 3

Those of us in Jamaica, who entered Cyberspace in the 1990s were highly educated, computer saavy.   Either we had money so we could buy our own computers or worked for one of the few companies which sold/used/repaired computers 

Having been on BBS before commercial connectivity in 1995 we had an easy of communication.   We were ‘safe’ for a troll would be found by a simple telephone number reverse.

When we entered cyberspace we used our usual Nicks, and post on various chat sites as ourselves.

We often would receive ‘attacks’ from Americans.

For example, Jamaica being an ex-English colony, uses English spelling; labour, colour, etc. and would get a response from some American…

“What is with all those ‘U’s?  Don’t you know how to spell? The word is labor and color…”

We also had people, when learning we came from Jamaica treated us as if we had to take off our shoes when counting over ten.


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