Ecommerce SEO Guide for Online Stores to Drive Organic Traffic in 2019

Everyone who is involved in e-commerce knows the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is a complete process that helps in making your website visible to the relevant visitors, thus driving traffic, converting them into leads and resulting in significantly good revenue generation. In this entire process of making your website rank higher in search engine rankings, the ecommerce SEO services that you have hired will make sure that the search crawlers and algorithms can gain maximized access to understand and be confident that your page or website is the best choice for a particular search query. Once that happens, they rank it higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and hence you get better visibility.

This exercise sounds very simple, but in reality, it involves an intimidating degree of complexity, which is best interpreted by the experts. Thus, you need to hire highly competent SEO professionals capable of handling ecommerce websites. Any good SEO services for ecommerce is equipped to handle it and knows how to drive organic traffic in 2019.

Professional SEO agencies know that organic traffic is all about building up meaningful long-term relationships. In order to achieve that, you need to provide unique, original and relevant information to the users. Ecommerce SEO agencies thus break the entire campaign into three major components. These are content, links and social media. Let’s discuss in detail how these three components work.

Unique, Original High-Quality Content

Content has always been the kingmaker in any on-site strategy planned by the ecommerce SEO services. Whatever content you are uploading needs to be unique and relevant to what the user is looking for. Unless you give them top-notch original content, you can’t keep them engaged. SEO professionals understand very well that there are no shortcuts to getting organic traffic. Whatever route they have to take needs to be solid and fool-proof.

The content that is posted, whether it’s a text or a video content, should be aimed at engaging the users and should be updated regularly. If the content is posted keeping only the search engines in mind, then it will not result in building up a long-lasting relationship. For the browsers and web crawlers, it’s the meta-content that matters. Thus, SEO professionals take care of Meta keywords, Meta titles and Meta descriptions and devise it keeping in mind the search engine algorithms. For the main content, they keep the readers in mind.

Building Up High-Quality Links

Any good SEO company will always lay huge emphasis on off-site authority building. It is of paramount importance to build your presence on other reputable sites in your niche, which in turn will help in getting inbound links to your websites. This helps in making your own reputation and authoritativeness, which is taken as a positive signal by the search engine algorithms. To build organic traffic, it is very much required that the SEO professionals stick to genuine link building techniques and not on spammy or unnatural link building. Again the way to building genuine backlinks is through publishing high-quality content as they can be shared, press releases and guest blogging.

Social Media Campaigns

This is the last but again very important of the three major components in which the SEO services for ecommerce breaks the entire SEO campaign.

The social chatter is important in establishing authority, boosting its rankings and increasing traffic. However, social media campaigns require perfect planning and execution. It is not just about being present on social media sites but more about interacting with your targeted audience by being actively present. Again, being omnipresent on every available social media website is not required. SEO experts choose the appropriate platforms that are in your niche and focus on making your presence felt there. There are a few platforms that everyone wants to be on like Facebook, Twitter etc. Other than that, the focus is only on platforms that suit your business niche.

The key SEO elements are always in the process of evolving and 2019 is no different. For instance, earlier search engines like Google used to look at the matching volume of keywords or the links. Then the search algorithm evolved to match the user intent and the context of a search and so on. SEO services for ecommerce keep a note of all the changes in search engine algorithms and devise the SEO strategies accordingly making use of relevant tools and techniques. While integrating such updated strategies in the SEO process, it helps your business to stay ahead of competition.

In a nutshell, SEO requires a holistic effort of all pieces of a business, which includes web design, marketing, social media, networking and copywriting. The SEO experts understand it completely and one should hire good quality SEO services for all SEO requirements including driving the organic traffic to the online store in 2019. Once you do that, there is no looking back.


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  1. This is a very valid post thanks for sharing. In spite of all that, it’s still a proverbial “minefield” to traverse. Very, very few people really make more than a very few dollars per month, be it ECommerce, (Shopify, eBay) Affiliate marketing, Adsense, EBook publishing. Unless you are one of the 1% actually doing it.

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