Does technology detach us from the reality?

In prior times when a person lost the touch to the reality they would be placed in the institution and considered disturbed in a way. Today, I think it is the opposite. The people who chose to live without the modern type of delusion – the plague of social media sites are considered odd and weird.

I thought that gadget and smart phones were just an odd looking fancy gadgets, until one day I stepped inside of a bus and released that everyone around me are ‘connected’.

I didn’t live under the rock, I am in the middle of the urban city but after that vision of a future to come, I decided that it is better for me to stay away from that madness.

I like social media, don’t get me wrong, but does it not feed something that is pretty much better to be left untouched? I don’t think demons will arrive out of your headphones, and that some superior AI will ever rule this world… nothing like that.

But does it not look a bit weird that we are so hungry of superficial stimulations coming from that thing, no matter of our age, occupation or intelligence, that we simply can not put it down? Do you believe that technology will detach us from reality in such a percentage that no AI will even be necessary to cause our own de-socialization and eventually the doom?

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What do you think?

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  1. I wonder.
    I suspect you’ve grabbed the back end of the pendulum swing here. The reality of the digital world is many have, many have not.

    Information that exists in the digital world can be more easily consumed that information in the physical world.

    We have to balance. But, it is not the fault of the digital world that some are connected but not present.

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