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Cyber Tips – Who Are You Talking To? (2)

The story of ‘Scott Grant’ should be pasted in your mind.  

For those who don’t know;  

Women who joined dating sites received wonderful emails from this darling Scott Grant.   His picture showed a really good looking young white male.

He claimed he was working for the Peace Corps in Nigeria and had to log on from an Internet Cafe.

He was so charming, so lovable, women fell in love with him.  And he  asked them to marry him.  They said yes.  He said he’d be flying over to see them, gave them route, time, all the plans were discussed.

Then, a week before his departure, Scott Grant would alert them he had to use all his money to pay for treatment for little Ade.  He painted a tear jerker story.

The women, his fiances,  would send him the fare.  He’d tell them he had booked a flight and would be arriving…

And they would stand at the airport and wait.  And he never showed up.

And most never heard from him again.

Scott Grant was a 19 year old Nigerian who scammed dozens of women.   It was really so easy.


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