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Cyber Tips – Reality – 5

If I had not given the history, in depth, if, at the time there had not been ways to verify that ‘Ulsterman’ was a writer on Triond who lived in Ireland, then perhaps one could doubt the veracity.  But everything I wrote was true and provable, it was just that people didn’t want it to be true.  

People wanted to believe the Hoax and so nothing would stop them.

This is the issue when people journey too far from reality.  When they believe whatever is written without checking,  and attack without knowing who they are attacking.

Ulsterman became legend, and youths in Macedonia followed his example and posted a pile of fabrications all pro-Trump.

Knowing how ignorant users were, they Macedonians didn’t bother to mask their I.P. address for they knew their audience was not intelligent nor capable of such actions.

Hence  anyone clicking on one of the Headlines posted on Facebook would be taken to a site in Macedonia, (obvious from the I.P.)  and read fabrications.

But people want to believe certain things about a person,  and no matter what, they will.


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