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Cyber Tips Reality – 2

What was posted at:  https://virily.com/technology/cyber-tips-reality-1/  are FACTS.   They are not suppositions, explanations, they are Facts.

What is so remarkable is that there are people, people who used the site created by those M.I.T. folks, who do not believe this.

There are people today who will defend that site, who will write pages defending what they don’t know.

When I first posted this on another writing site, I was attacked by a pile of users who defended the Owners, the Site, etc.

I was not shocked or surprised that people who knew absolutely nothing at all whatsoever about the site, the owners, the policies, etc.  would so strongly support/defend a site and Owners who planned to rip off the writers the day before they opened the site.

Perhaps in 2012 people might have been a bit less conscious of the kind of scams that are run on the Internet.  But today, with so much information bursting around, how is it possible not to, at least, be a bit cautious when joining a site?


What do you think?


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