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Cyber Tips – Privacy – 1

Way back, in the late 1980s, before we had commercial connection to the Internet, there were Bulletin Board Servers.  

We’d join, use our Nicks, and the same passwords.  If you knew Cereal Killers password on Colis was Cornflake, you’d know that was his password on all the other BBS.

It wasn’t a problem when it was just ‘us’;  and by us I mean the ten others who were geeky.  For in those days one had to program a computer to connect.   It wasn’t  just a click.

Then a portion of Schoolers got on one summer, and made a mess.  They hacked, they trolled, and although the police could arrive on their doorstep and confiscate their computers, the fact was, BBS were no longer safe.

In those days, when you used your phone to connect and any systems operator; (Sysop) could do reverse search and find the name and address of that phone.  The Internet was different.  And knowing it,, protected us when we entered Cyberspace.

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