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Cyber Tips – Oh Really?

You get a ‘private message’  from some user.   S/he posts their email address, and advises that s/he needs to speak with you privately.

This is one of the ways scammers get your email.  

If you are really ignorant or innocent, you might shrug.   If you know anything about scammers, you’d have deleted that PM as you saw it.

Getting your email address means the scammer can not merely use you as a begging bowl and a stooge, but your email will be used to join various other sites.

For example;   Madeupme@hotmail.com is captured by a scammer.  

The scammer uses that account to join various sites which don’t demand verification.

The real Madeupme never joined X site but get messages from X …

“We are closing your account due to your harrassment of….”

“We have reported your account for….”

And when Madeupme’s email account is Closed because of….  you are sitting there saying;  “But I never….”

As the person behind Madeupme doesn’t use the account for anything it isn’t a trauma.

Write it down….Never use your real email address ever to respond to anyone or anything you don’t know.  EVER.


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