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Cyber Tips – Not that Hackers are so good…

.The reason Cyber Space is so dangerous is not because Hackers are so good, it is because  I.T. experts (egg spurts as I call them), are so bad.

Those I.T. Egg Spurts think they know everything. They don’t.

If one tries to shine a little light into their darkness, they react with scorn.  After all, they are the  Egg Spurts!

Hackers know this.  

Hackers find  soft spots  on popular applications and exploit them.   After all, if this browser, for example, was created by Google, for example, with the ability to capture information so as to sell it to advertisers,  the same way the I.T. Expert could see what is captured, so too the Hacker.

But shhhh!  Don’t tell the Egg Spurt!   

This is why Hacking is so common, so easy.      


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Written by jaylar

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  1. congrats exactly what hackers want the world to think. The black hats that created the code that infiltrates all devices connected (including old cell phones just connected to the internet) love that you wrote this.

    this is the message they want the world to hear.

    As an IT expert, I am personally offended by your article.

    • Don’t mean to poke you personally.
      But you know a Hacker can come up to an I.T. eggspurt and say; “That program is easy hack…”
      and the I.T. Egg Spurt will say,
      “No it’s Not!”

      I’m not guessing here.

      • yes, and the other side, the IT Expert that runs the first response system that saves 1000 lives. You cannot fairly blast a profession based on two, three or four personal experiences. Or, can I reading this article determine you are ?>>>?

        • Not talking life saving here… talking about trying to inform the guy in charge….and being laughed at.

          For example; telling the Microsoft Egg Spurt of the flaws of Exploder and being scorned as if saying the sky was falling.

          Most Apps, be it online or on phone have ‘hooks’ which are used by the developer for financial benefit. Those ‘hooks’ can be used by others.

          Just sayin…

          • you are saying this to me

            1. you generalize way to much.
            2. your access is to a limited number of people
            3. you don’t understand the way to present information to people that make decisions.

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