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Cyber Tips – Leaving (2)

When you are on a site which supports Hate Speech,  leave.  Leave because you don’t want to be daubed with the dirty brush.  You don’t want your name, even your nick associated with such a site.  

As I’ve said before, whomever is in charge of a site is responsible. If they don’t do anything, they agree.   If they demand you report it, well, exactly what are they being paid to do?  (Rem.  they live off of a percentage of the money YOU earn.).

When the Advertisers realise or are informed that the site embraces Hate Speech and pull back, the Site collapses.  It is better  you are not on it when it does.

Hate Speech, bullying, Troll attacks should all be dealt with by the Admin/Mod.   The average user should not even be aware that something happened.

When you are on a site, which makes you uncomfortable, just leave.

Don’t have a big announcement, don’t explain, just don’t log on.  No one is going to notice.  Sure if you have a couple of real friends, they’ll probably leave with you, but in most cases, you are on your own.

Anything on the site annoys you, leave without a word.  

You can always write a tell all article for another site, and earn on it.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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    • How can I be sure that the person who posts the racist crap isn’t a dual of the Admin or posting what the Admin believes? I think a lot of the users had or have the same impression I do. For how can anyone allow that kind of hate speech to be posted and remain on a site unless the Admin agrees with it?

      • Honestly, it isn’t fair to assume that. We don’t know. So based on not knowing do the right thing. The worst that happens you find out your assumption was right. The best that happens the next person doesn’t have to deal with the problem.

        • Admin has to agree. It’s been so long she’s pushing out her racism… and other users have mentioned it… in fact, I am sure many persons who read this comment know who I’m talking about.

          • you don’t know that, and by assuming they do, you are doing the same thing you are accusing them of.

            It is time to act! If you feel it is unacceptable to have it on the site, report it!

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