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Cyber Tips – Great Pretenders

When you are on a site, and someone acts as if they have power or control of the site, do a check.  Do a check so that You don’t make an idiot of yourself.

On every site I’ve found average users pontificating as if they are the Owner/Admin.

Some years ago, on a writing site, a particular user, (Call him Blowhard) began to ‘instruct’ other users about what they should/should not write about, and how they should/should not comment.

He was one of those guys who thinks they know everything, so if they pontificate about something they know nothing about. If you call them on it, they attack like a rabid dog.

On the particular site I happened to have a fairly good relationship with an actual Admin who told me that Blowhard was full of beans, (not the exact term used) and nothing he said had any impact on the site for it was going to cease to pay by next month.

Subsequently, this was posted so that every single user was alerted that the site would cease to pay and that articles should be removed.

Blowhard disappeared at that alert, proving, (if anyone needed proof) that he knew nothing, had no power.

So always check who is the Admin/Owner before you tumble down the worm hole.


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