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Cyber Tips – Fake News

When you read anything on the ‘Net; have a bit of suspicion, ESPECIALLY  if it is published on Facebook without  documentation.

To be straight;

 if I am quoting an article from the BBC (for example) and use an image,  if you click on my link, or the image, that you will be taken to the BBC and read it yourself.

You know the BBC, so if you had to sue, you know where your documents would be served.

When there is no attribution, put your pot on the fire that the guy who posted it either made it up or copied it from someone who made it up.

And when the attribution is an entity you never heard of; then do a check.

WTOE5News.com published the hoax story,

“Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President, Releases Statement.”

If you read that story in 2016 did you check what that site was?  Where it was?   Do you even know that is where that story appeared?

Check that site… think it is a real news site, now?


What do you think?


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