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Cyber Tips – Facebook – 3

As a person who likes to prove points I decided to join Facebook and after bland comments here and there posted ‘Trump supporters are Stupid.’

That’s it.

Guess what?

My account was BLOCKED for three days.

If I knew it was coming so quick I’d have done a ‘Putin supporters are stupid’  or ‘Biden supporters are stupid’  before my Trump post, to prove beyond and beyond a reasonable doubt where the ‘soul’ of Facebook existed.

However, that post, with nothing more, got my account BLOCKED.

I assume Facebook is playing at seeming to be ‘liberal’ or ‘unbiased’ but in truth it is a far right wing as one can go.


This page was posted by a man who killed two black men for being black.  It was up until AFTER the murders.

My post ‘Trump supporters are stupid’  didn’t last 2 hours.


What do you think?


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