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Cyber Tips – Facebook – 1


When you join Facebook your email address is sold.

 That is why you are getting all those posts from “Hot Russian Girls”,  as well as investment opportunities, etc. in your email.

Your email address has been sold and sold again to whomever pays Facebook for it.  

Facebook cares about Money.   The owner prays to money.  Facebook has no other use but to make money for the owner.

Money is made for the owner by the sale of information.

Your likes,  interests, groups you belong to, key words you use in a post, are all sold to whomever wants to buy them.

It doesn’t matter who they are, no check is done.  It doesn’t matter what your information will be used for.  

Facebook doesn’t care.  

Facebook was created to make money.  Created to exploit its users.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • I joined under a nick to play scrabble because the other site slapped me down when I made an error…. so if I were posting misguided and accidentaly did misgiuded I lost. On FB it would alert that it was not a word, and I’d get to redo it without penalty.

      I mentioned an autistic child I’d encountered and after that every ad had to do with autism so I knew what FB was.

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