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Cyber Tips – Don't Waste Your Time

On many sites users do not believe that the Owners run it for the money and don’t care about them or their issues.

Many users think they can contact Admin and ‘something will be done’.

They don’t realise that all that Admin does is collect the Ad money ( and often fudge it so that those who make the site get a fraction of what they are owed)

For some strange reason Users believe they can contact the Owner and he/she/it actually cares if they live or die.

Because of this attribution of morality to site owners there are user who become ‘do-gooders’ .  They think the owners care about the users and that there is a way they can be contacted and deal with user issues.

One might as well have a conversation with a boulder blocking a path.  

It is more than a waste of time for any user to attribute interest/concern/ to an Owner of a site.  If on that first message to Admin nothing is done, then take that as your permanent answer.

And don’t waste your time.


Everyone knows the Internet is full of fraud.  From fake sites to scams to so-called ‘humour’ , unless you know what you are doing and know how to do it, you’ll tumble head first into fabrications and believe falsehoods.

Lawyers know that direct questions have rehearsed answers so will ask the indirect,  will ask for bits and pieces that the liar would not have assem


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