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Cyber Tips – Don't Tout

When you ask or are asked about a site; be honest.  Only give your experiences.  Don’t pretend to know what you  don’t.

Never tout a site or create explanations.  Be honest.  

It could be a social site, it could be a place to view television programs or movies, or a writing site.  Describe your experiences.

You don’t know if what you have experienced is standard or not.

For example, persons with a U.S. I.P. who joined Bubblews were treated differently from those who joined from 3rd World nations.

A person in the U.S. could report a site to the Attorney General of their state.  Hence, making sure that person got all the benefits was standard.  Persons outside of the U.S. had a different treatment.  

If an American posted;

“I have always been paid,”  and stopped there, allowing for the possibilities that others did not have the same experiences, that would be acceptable, but many did not.  Many threw allegations that persons who weren’t paid  because they  ‘Broke the Rules’.

How would you know that?  Unless you were an Admin or a Mod, or Owned the site, how could you cast aspersions on another person?

Never assume that everyone is treated the same or is equal.   Never take responsibility for a site you are not responsible for.  You only hurt another user.


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