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Cyber Tips – Dating Sites – 5

Considering the Scott Grant scam on Dating sites, I wanted to see if there were ‘clues’  an average person could pick up.

Joining the dating site I caught a lot of interest as my profile and image were designed to do.  I had used a false name, age, image, everything set to attract the ‘Scott Grant’ type.

I got a lot of attention.

There were those would wrote simple things a normal person would, There were others who would write as if we had known each other a decade.

I would post something bland and there were those who would respond as if I had said something that needed explanation.

I posted a provocative opinion  and received dozens of responses, many which ignored my topic and went into the kind of conversations you expect before an engagement.

It was easy for me to distinguish between the real person and the scammer.   In fact, one guy who claimed to live in ‘Canada’ I instantly knew was Nigerian and asked him if it was raining in Lagos.

Basically,what I found was this;

 the hesitant person, who takes their time, who responds to what you wrote, not what s/he wants to say and doesn’t post images of mansions and yachts (as if anyone who had a mansion or yacht would need a dating site)  and make all sorts of boasts and claims can be considered.

The rest, instantly discarded.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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