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Cyber Tips – Dating Sites – 1

You join a dating site.

You are contacted by someone who seems ‘special’.   You really like this person.  The two of you chat about lots of things.

The only problem is that they live in Manchester and you live in Sheffield.   Or they live in Montego Bay and you are in Kingston


simply put they live a good distance away.

In a way, however, you feel safe because of the distance.  You share a lot more personal stuff, maybe secret stuff.

For example he writes:  

 “Strangest thing.. went round to visit a mate and he told me the key was under the mat…”

If you respond;  “That’s not strange, I keep my spare key under the flower pot…”

The next day, when you are  at work/standard appointment at the hairdressers/attending church services, you will arrive home to find all your valuables missing.

That is because that someone who lives in ‘Manchester’  or ‘Montego Bay’  actually lives in your city, knows your address, and their source of income is this scam.


What do you think?


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