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Cyber Tips – Check the I.P.

You’ll see many ‘News Reports’  or “Discoveries’  or even be contacted by someone you are not sure about.

It is vital you learn  how to look up an ‘I.P. Address’.   Find out where a site is located.   For example, Facebook is in Ireland.


Yes,  You think the site is in California, don’t you?  But when you use something like: 


you will find out where a site is.

It has become common knowledge, that many of the  2016  pro-Trump sites were in Macedonia.  


Simple.  You want to make money online you need hits.  How do you get hits?  You post something people will want to read.   People will click on.   Okay.   Now, open a Facebook account, make a lot of friends, and post your rubbish on Facebook.

If it seems legitimate, (like you created a site on one of those blogging platforms giving it a name like “American News Reports” or “National Information Service”… which sounds real, thousands, millions of people will click on it, and your pocket will be filled.

As most people don’t know how to check an I.P. address they will believe the site is legitimate and located in America.  The few who will check and find out it is in Macedonia will usually laugh and keep it quiet.

After all, as we say in Jamaica;  “When you find a fool, you ride him bareback.”


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