Cyber Mistakes You Should Not Make – 61

Google decided to ‘blacklist’ writing sites which paid by not letting them appear on the first pages of a Google search, (if at all).

It didn’t matter what you searched for.  

If you entered a term;  “How to Wash Silk”, although there was an article with that title on Triond, because Triond had been blacklisted; (named a Content Farm) it would NOT appear on the First ten pages of a Google Search.

A site with few of the words but being one of Google’s paying pals, would appear first.

Note that the sites that often appear first on a Google Search Pay for that.  You can get anything on a front page of a Google if you pay for it.

As Evil Google wanted to Destroy writing sites it made sure not to put anything that appeared on any writing site as a search result. 

Many people had visited writing sites via a search.  Entering a term,  finding the information on a writing site, many became enthusiastic.  

If the item was well written, the viewer would read it, read other articles, maybe comment, maybe join that writing site.

By blacklisting writing sites, by leaving them out of Searches, the public would not know they exist.  

Writing sites which had, pre the Google Evil, millions of views,  began began to tumble.

Many collapsed.

This did not help Knol;  Google’s rip off site, it only destroyed online writing sites that paid.


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