Cyber Mistakes you Should Not Make – 57a

When you ask or are asked about a site; be honest.  If you don’t know, say so.

Never tout a site or create explanations.  Be honest.  

It could be a social site, it could be a place to view television programs or movies, or a writing site. Describe your experiences.

You don’t know if what you have experienced is standard or not.

For example, persons with a U.S. I.P. who joined Bubblews were treated differently from those who joined from 3rd World nations.

A person in the U.S. could report a site to the Attorney General of their state.  Hence, making sure that person got all the benefits was standard.  Persons outside of the U.S. had a different treatment.  

If an American posted;

“I have always been paid,”

and stopped there, allowing for the possibilities that others did not have the same experiences, that would be acceptable, but many did not.

Many threw allegations that persons who weren’t paid ‘Broke the Rules’.

As Bubblews didn’t have that many rules and following them was easy, that charged should have never been made.


What do you think?


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  1. Welcome to the “sharing” economy! I am really struggling to redefine “sharing”. It’s very ethereal this digital stuff anyway. All about style with no substance. As a minimalist of sorts It appears strange to me. I really try to separate what adds to my actual life and what is distraction from life. I’m an old goat maybe. Oh well.

    • People will join a site, maybe get paid, maybe think they’ll be promoted to ‘verified’ writer, so run around and defend, extol and otherwise attempt to bring people onto the site portraying their experiences as standards.


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