Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 26

If you have to use someone else’s computer for any serious connection, download Tor.  Use the Dark Web.   Then,  if necessary, delete it.

Many people know nothing about security.  They’ll use the lame virus protector that came with their computer, and maybe/maybe not pay for it.

They might be very slack with their security arrangements, and you can’t trust anyone.   Don’t think someone won’t use your account if they can, they will… for ‘fun’.

You might just check your email from an unsecured computer, and that is the end of your email.  Never assume everyone is as security conscious as you are.

Never assume that they even know they should be security conscious.

Too many people will use their work computer or a friend’s computer to ‘check’ something and they might as well walk naked down Main Street.


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