Cyber Mistakes You Should Never Make – 11


Years ago I was on a site called ‘Triond’ which had its very own message board.   It was in that message board the idea of creating ‘Whitehouse Insider’ was born.

I’ve written about it before, for it this was a legal case I could walk into a Court, take a Bible and swear how it was invented, and that it was a hoax from day one.

It was created to make money and it made a lot of money for the writers.  For every 6 views, the writers got 1c

There were over a hundred articles,  each getting like 2 MILLION views. The  articles were up from 2009 until 2015 when Triond closed.

Do the Math.

The facts of Whitehouse Insider were known all over the ‘Net.  Some lads in Macedonia, who knew about the Whitehouse Insider began to create their own sites.

Instead of attack, they did a support; for knowing that Americans hated the Black Man in the White House, invented articles which were positive for the White Supremacist who was running for the White House.

As Triond didn’t exist, they’d link the articles on Facebook.   White Supremacists would see the articles; i.e. “The Pope backs Trump,”  and click on the image, go to the site, which looked like it was legit. And the Macedonians collected coin from Adsense.

Just like Ulsterman, who ran the Whitehouse Insider, the Macedonians became rich because people are gulliable.

What do you think?

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