I am curious when the bag revolution will happen?

Someone asked me the other day what I carry with me in my bag. First of all, it depends on where I am going and my goals there. My rolling bag is one I would take if I was going to do a presentation or just going to the office for the day. I have a power strip, speaker, and projector that are all small, portable but do a great job. All of that, of course, means that I can get into my car and carry my bag with me. If I am going to the Washington DC Metro, I take a backpack and a much lighter array of tools.

The evolution of what you take and what you need is interesting.

What I have realized though is that bags haven’t improved in a long time. Yes, you can get solar powered bags. You can get 11,000 mAH batteries to take with you. But the concept of the bag is the same now as it has been for a long time. Yes, there are and have been innovations in the bag space, but it remains a pretty much as it has been for 20 years market. Backpacks, rolling bags, and luggage are pretty much the same as it has been for a long time.

I am not going to spend column space redesigning the bag. I have a ton of ideas, but well that is a different time and place. The reason for my discussion today is the reality of technologies evolution and the static nature of bags.

As the concept of “mobility” evolves I hope someone pays attention and delivers the bag that supports the mobile life. I do have to say, that doesn’t mean a bag that is a speaker. Or a bag that becomes a selfie drones. Speakers booming in the park can be too much. Selfie drones circling you like flies are also annoying.


What do you think?


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