Cool Tech Wander, seven days journey in search of a topic…

While in Norway last year we bought some trolls for the house. One sits upstairs, on on the mantle in the living room and the last one lives either on the boat or in my office (captain lars). He is in the home office right now so that he doesn’t get cold and freeze. It isn’t that I need a mascot in my office although I do have a 3d printed dragon. Plus there are the wall stickers of the Minions from Despicable me on the walls. Why bring all this up? Well, the reality of an everyday blog is that you, from time to time, do run out of topics. For this, my technology blog, today is one of those not having a topic days.

They can’t all be gems.

I can say over the years that there are a few times I’ve dived into my pet topics. I exhausted one of those over the past couple of weeks, so that is out for the short run. I would wander the broader topic of ROV’s, aerial, land or water but that is a topic that I am mostly waiting for devices in. I have three devices pending (2 underwater ROV and the Aguadrone). I find myself not wanting to over hype things that haven’t shipped yet, but well it is hard not to.

That limits my technology posts at times.

Now if we start talking about technology that enables working, or empowers you to get things done, there are many of those available. I have the Touchjet pond projector and the JBL Charge 3 speakers in my bag, you never know when a meeting may break out, and you need to share something. It got me thinking about what is in my laptop bag (I no longer carry a should bag, I have a rolling bag to reduce wear and tear on me). How many people carry a portable speaker and a portable projector with them to the office? Fewer people I suspect that I would like to admit. I don’t carry a whole lot more than those items though. I have reduced the bag weight considerably.

I still have a great idea for an improved bag that I have offered to a couple of companies but no takers so far. I guess it might be time to figure out how I can build it myself and offer it on Kickstarter.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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