Cool tech review (formerly Just another Shameless review) Giroptic 360 add on camera

There are some things I have loved doing for many years. I used to be the add-on king of the pocket pc world. I loved my PPC and had sleeves that added value and abilities to the device making it more fun, effective and producing more information for me.

Since moving to the phone, I think I have gotten worse. Recently I backed a company Giroptic via Crowdfunding, and they delivered a 360-degree camera. It is not the best camera overall, but you do crowdfunding to back concepts and ideas. The second camera that they have delivered, now available on their store is beyond amazing.

It plugs into the USB C or the lightning port of your phone (USB C or USB if you have an Android Phone, Lightening if you have an iPhone) and gives you a 360-degree image of the world around you. I am going to post more 360 videos on facebook – lots of cool options for sharing! I am uploading a view from my office to YouTube as well.

The first step towards AR/VR content is getting more and more 360-degree video into the wild. AR/VR producers need content to consume for the production of the AR/VR content.

Now, it is also quite cool. I’ve included a link to my initial playing (in my messy office) with the new Giroptic add-on. I suspect like the FLIR infrared add-on that the stand-alone cameras will provide better imaging (Bubl does already) but regarding the sheer usefulness, this is something I have with me (iPhone) and just need to remember to stick the camera in my pocket.

The future of things 360 is one I find incredibly interesting right now. As I said, earlier the reality of AR/VR is that they need content and 360 cameras and generate content quickly. The other side of having an attachment like that is the ability to see all around you with both images and video. The era of more than the eye can see now upon us!


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