Cell Phone Addiction – 21

This is the point.

You miss YOUR LIFE because you are on the cell phone.   Sure, if you have no life, and want no life, fine.

I can point to a number of people, be they extra ugly or psychotic who clutch their Cell as a security blanket because they have and may never have a life.

The phone is their ‘only friend’  and they talk to others like them.  Or play games, or do whatever it is to prevent them from seeing the world around them.

People are so devoted to their cells that to shut them off it  seems like pulling the plug on a dying relative.

How did we get to this horrible tragic spot?

Think of it, people sitting in a room, a dozen  people, all in touching distance, yet each one on his or her cell, ignoring the others.

Think of it, walking from here to there, the phone at the ear or the ear pieces in so as not to feel alone.

How did we become so pathetic we are afraid to be disconnected?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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