Cell Phone Addiction – 2

You may think, ‘It’s different!’ when one compares addiction to heroin to that of addiction to their cell phone.

It isn’t.

Those who are addicted to their phones are not living in reality.

Just as that drunk or doped up guy, or  mad man talking to himself, live in reality,  so too those who are addicted to their cell phones.

People have died taking selfies.   People have broken their bones, so busy looking at their phone they don’t see what is in front of them.

People have lost opportunities, friends, experiences, making their lives that much bleaker because they are more focused on what is on their phone than what is in front of them.

Alone, afraid,  they take solace with their ‘drug’ of choice, the so-called Smart Phone, which is really, Mind Control.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. Big diff between calls and texts and games and social media and so locked into the pokomon you step infront of a truck. I’ll call my people, they’ll call me… they’ll text numbers and email addresses… etc.

    That is NOT what I’m talking about.

    You have A Phone that is Mobile… you don’t have a leash.

  2. Boy I totally agree with you. I do have a cell phone which I only use for calls and the occasional texting at home only. I often go out without bringing it with me because I find it cumbersome. But that does not stop people from bumping into me because their eyes and nose are glued to their cell phone. We have enough with tablets, laptop to communicate or check up social spam. We do not need our cell for that. I am up to the point where I want to discontinue my cell contract for good and just rely on email. Urgh…!

    • It amazes me how people can escape reality on these phones. Sometimes when I see them with the phones, it’s is like an infant on it’s mother. Other times, it is like a dog on a leash. It has become a serious psychological problem.

          • I disagree … too many times my mom called or texted me to help her get sauces, fruits, replacement brooms, toilet paper (lol) … etc

            While, yes phone has many bad things associated with it, we can’t just give it a death sentence. I’m not speaking up as a phone user, I do agree most of us spend too much time on our phones, but I do see the benefits from it (not as a gaming machine but help communication in someways).

            But of course, it’s really up to individual how we want to see technology (phones) in their lives. There are people who benefited from them, and there are the ones who abused them. It’s sometimes about balancing.

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