Cell Phone Addiction – 13

To emphasise the danger, real events.


Mr. Brown was locking up for the night when his cell phone rang.   Instead of letting it ring, he answered it.

There he was, on the pavement, about to lock the grill, with the day’s take in a bag on his shoulder.   There he was, on the cell phone, holding it in his left hand, while his right was pulling the grill, blind and deaf to the three guys who were right behind him.

The guys struck him, cut the bag from his shoulder and ran off  with the money.


Miss Smith was driving when her phone rang.  She leaned over to get it from her bag and slammed into the back of a bus.  She died on the spot.


Mr. Johnson was listening to the match on the earphones, walking down the road.  He was knocked down, his wallet taken.  He didn’t see the attacker.


Ms Cummings was on the phone as she came from the bank with the week’s pay.  She walked down the block, a guy was behind her, reached into her bag, grabbed the pay pack and was gone.  She subsequently was fired.

These are not invented stories.   These are every day happenings.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar