Blood Sacrifices Explained…

Sean Stone, the son of Oliver Stone, interviews Fritz Springmeier about the Illuminati performing Blood Sacrifices in order to gain more power to control others.

Illuminati was running the MK-Ultra mind control programs. CIA uses MK-Ultra mind control to create slaves. He even mentions a large depopulation agenda to kill of many people from this earth. A part of such depopulation agenda are the illegal wars to steal land from other countries. They even mention that the dead soldiers are “Blood Sacrifices,” and that is why they are made out to appear like “Heroes.”

Zionists are Luciferians, promoting their satanic agenda.

Sean makes a reference to the film, They Live, in which I have recently watched again on the indie channel before blogging about this film.

He even talks about having computer and iPhone issues because he exposes the truth. That is why I feel these computer problems has to do with censoring and controlling people, which is mostly like done by Google.


What do you think?


  1. I keep my distance from Google, and other sites as far as that goes. I do not like being followed and tracked. Although, most sites are doing it too.