Best Programming Language for FinTech Applications

Technology is something that is changing almost every domain for a better future, be it retail, education, fashion, or banking. Among other domains, the financial segment is the one that has gained immense popularity among bankers, investors, and consumers.

Technology and financial services have given birth to another buzz called FinTech.  It is the technology that is disrupting traditional financial services. To make the task of traditional financial service a little easier, smoother and faster, there are numerous FinTech applications available in the app store for easier processing of transactions and other related monetary transactions, mobile payments, loans, fundraising, asset management, etc.

Such need for Fin based applications is opening great opportunities for mobile app development companies around the globe. However, developing a Fintech based application is no less than a challenge as it requires great knowledge of finance too along with how a user will be interacting with the app.

UX prototyping tools and mobile app UI trending design can still be managed but choosing the right tech stack or programming language is a daunting task. To make the job a little easier and clear, we have made a list of best programming languages for FinTech based applications.

Programming languages for FinTech apps


It is one of the most popular programming languages for the Fintech based applications and is also used widely for banking, insurance, and data analysis processes and industries. The language is also becoming a popular tool to build cryptocurrency markets too.

The things which made Python popular among developers are-

  • Scalability
  • Concise code
  • Pythonic standards and
  • Powerful framework

Despite being so advantageous, the language lacks when it comes to –

  • Web browser support and
  • Design


Those who are in the app development industry thoroughly know the old champ Java and people are just venturing into the world of apps will get to know about the legacy of Java. the language is the jack of all trades that promotes OOP principles.

Furthermore, Java is one of the most desired programming technology for banking purposes as it offers great security and is apt for building heavily loaded programs in order to deal with huge amounts of data. Also, it is profoundly known for-

  • Security
  • Portability

Being so great does not make the spare the language from-

  • Lower speed and
  • Lower performance


It is a general-purpose technology and is greatly used in the FinTech industry. C++ is cherished as it is used for programs where execution speed plays the most critical role. Also, it is known for its efficiency. Furthermore, it perfectly suits those programs that require advanced computations and process numerous operations simultaneously. Also, the language proudly represents itself as one of the best technologies for quantitative finance and quantitative analytics.

This is not the end of the whole tale of C++, being so great, the language is also known for-

  • Efficiency
  • Code reusability
  • Rich library

But could mark itself safe from-

  • Complexity
  • Insecurity


Designed by Microsoft, the language has C like syntax. It is the amalgamation of the best from C and Java. C# is known for simplicity, elegant language that is majorly used for building .NET programs for the Microsoft operating system, websites, mobile apps and even for 3D Unity games.

Developers find the language appealing because of-

  • Cross-language interoperability
  • Enhancements to C
  • Number of libraries
  • Type safety

All the while carrying limitations like-

  • Low speed
  • Too dependant on .NET


The language is the influencer for other programming languages like C++, C#, Objective- C and even old lad Java.

It is used for embedded systems, advanced scientific systems, databases, billing software, and bank management platforms.

This is the reason, the language is filled with advantages like-

  • Mid-level language
  • Highly profitable
  • Maturity
  • High speed

Being advantageous does not spare it from disadvantages like-

  • Lack of reusable codes
  • Lack of flexibility


Last but not least, Ruby is not considered as the best programming language for the FinTech sphere, the language carries all the potential, capabilities, characteristics that are necessary for fast and successful app development.

Ruby is known for being dynamic and reflective technology that is capable and sophisticated at the same time. Still evolving, it is used for building digital payment systems, e-wallets, analytica, and financial dashboards, asset management systems too.

Due to this, it also carries-

  • Time efficiency
  • Powerful framework
  • Cost-effectiveness

While carrying disadvantages like-

  • Documentations issue
  • Boot speed

Taking a step ahead, the integration of Artificial Intelligence with financial services is revolutionzing the Fintech domain in a smarter way.

So, these are the languages that are being used for Fintech based solutions. Always, remember that choosing the right technology can only dig the foundation of any project stronger and ever-lasting.

Also, each language is perfect and just apt for specific purposes and needs, so make sure before choosing anyone, you have the right and in-depth understanding of them. Keep your vision of the project always be around when finalizing the right language.


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Written by Nishtha Kumari

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