A Jamaican Saying Applied

We have an expression in Jamaica about ‘pulling tongue’.

When you say something to me designed to solicit ‘secret’ information I would say; “Don’t try to pull my tongue.”

When I want to get secret information from you I will try to pull your tongue.

Online when you write and want a lot of responses, you have to select the kind of article which would get the greatest ‘blow back’.

Ulsterman did it with his ‘White House Insider’.

Going for the people who would be so anti Obama they would believe anything bad written about him and add their words.

Today, when you are on a site infested by Trump’s mindless minions all you have to do is, (another Jamaican proverb) is “toss a stone into the pig sty, and the one who squeals…”



I had written a short piece elsewhere about a friend of mine whose wife virtually controls his brain. As she is a Trumpie, he will spill blood for Trump. This has caused everyone who knew him when he was in Jamaica to cut him off.

The item was published a year ago, but suddenly, every Trumpie is commenting, attacking, agreeing with each other, until the comment section under the item seems more of a message board.

As I get paid for comments, I don’t say anything. I let them post, attack me with every atom of their being.

This isn’t the first time I had an article go ‘viral’  in this fashion. Now I just have to find a follow up.

What do you think?

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