A bit too Much

I joined one of those new online publishing sites. Seemed okay. Of course, it demands images.

I’ve been through this before.

The Law is such that where one uses an image just to off set an item, the legal term is ‘Fair Use’ and it is not actionable. Further, there are thousands and thousands of free to use photographs splattered all over the Net.

Having been writing on line for a decade I do know Fair Use and NEVER had a problem.  Ever. Not on any site going back to Triond, through Hubpages, Wikinut, on and on, name the site, I was there.

So here’s the new site. I posted an item, then another, and a third over a three day period. Now I get some notice from someone about not using any photograph I personally didn’t take.

Well, it’s been a short relationship.

What do you think?

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